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In November 2012
A 2 Day leadership development program based on the book
Leading A Mission With A Mouse...A dead Mouse
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Jerry’s Several
Thinking Hats
The Hats of Jerry
Jerry wears several hats as a thought leader to fulfill his mission on planet Earth.
Person Thought Leader Author Entrepreneur & Strategist Management Consultant Leadership Trainer
Motivational Orator UN Government Advisor Institution & Nation Builder Fundraiser/Philanthropist Socio-Political Scientist Impresario
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Leading a mission with a mouse… a dead mouse
In this Leadership Development Program (LDP) one gets to go beyond IQ for learning about Spiritual Quotient, Emotional Quotient, Traditional Wisdom, Ethics , Values & Universal Principle from Master Philosophers like Lord Krishna (Karma principles), Jesus Christ, Gautam Buddha, Swami Vivekananda, Sister Nivedita, Mother Theresa, Socrates, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Daisaku Ikeda, Sun Tzu, Bhagat Singh, Martin Luther King, Ernesto (Che) Guevara, Stephen Covey, Peter Drucker, Viktor Frankl, Joan of Arc, Margaret Mead, Milton Erickson, John Grinder, Richard McHugh and Bob Marley.
All of the people mentioned above are huge inspirations for Jerry Almeida and one gets to learn more of diverse reflections, teachings & philosophies by all these masters who believed in leading by example, doing the right thing and walking the path less trodden for creating a better society for the benefit of humanity. On the other hand one also gets to learn grassroots wisdom from Jerry's experiences of his weekend travels to rural India where ordinary people are making a huge difference for our society and humanity with their simple but extraordinary ideas & efforts. (View video of uncommon, unsung heroes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZHPNXJjWJ4 ).
Did you know of farmers who are social entrepreneurs driving the agrarian economy or a non MBA who has established a flourishing export business to serve the community or a sex worker who runs a healthcare centre that serves over 3000 women every day or a vegetable vendor who has built a hospital to provide healthcare for the needy or an uneducated tribal lady who has built a school that has educated 25,000 children or an uneducated non – engineer who builds artificial glaciers with indigenous engineering or an uneducated farmer who has empowered his communities with traditional scientific wisdom and has created an ideal village in India with an absolute ecological balance? These are but a few illustrations of the huge repertoire of compelling stories that Jerry has to tell and share with you. After a session with Jerry, ONE goes back feeling energised and empowered to be & lead the change after this LDP session. Your perspective changes from "what can I do?" to "I CAN".
Your paradigm shifts to transform and compel you to act proactively and positively. Your attitude becomes more effective to find solutions rather than give in to problems. You achieve results because you discover the leader with you. You detect the resourcefulness, grit, determination and seriousness of intent which is an integral part of you and detect more self awareness. You become the change and open your heart, mind, body & soul to accept the change. You are now ready to walk the road less trodden and create your own path.
For all of us at "iCongo Intel & Associates" & "Karma Kurry - Learning & Human Development", (Download PPT about the consulting/ training practice) consulting/training is an AVOCATION and not just a PROFESSION because the main objective of our interventions is to inculcate ethics & values besides emphasizing the importance of Fundamental Duties. This is all critical for citizens working towards ‘Becoming the Change they want to See’ in our country and world. The 2 day session with Jeroninio Almeida (Jerry) is engaging, compelling, riveting and most of all very interactive as everyone learns from the face to face direct dialogue and experiences. More on the book and the learning shall unfurl in the ONE on ONE with Jerry at the place you choose to attend. We inherently believe that it is not enough to be just a good person and that we need to be Better Humanitarians, Better Family Members and BETTER PROACTIVE CITIZENS who understand their role, responsibilities and duties in society. This, in turn, helps us to become Better, Proactive, Humane and Responsible professionals at the workplace. What you learn can be applied in your personal and professional lives. Over the years various people have become more effective by discovering the power & leader within. A tried and tested concept, it has proved successful with our interventions over the years. This has been the objective of the JOY OF GIVING, RIGHT every WRONG, KARMAVEER, REX and KARMAYUGA people movements we created to help people rediscover themselves by igniting attitudinal/ behavioral change based on following the universal guiding principles by discovering our values and changing our perspectives to become leaders, who Be & Lead the Change.
The 2 day session with Jeroninio Almeida (Jerry) is engaging, compelling, enthralling and most of all very interactive. Here everyone participates in the ambience created for learning and learns from direct dialogue and enchanting experiences. In this high-energy, contextual and inspiring presentation by eternal learner, performance coach, leadership trainer and motivational speaker, Jerry will facilitate participants to THINK & REFLECT about “REAL LEADERSHIP” and realize the Role of a Leader with brilliant stories of eminent missionaries & unsung heroes who have created extraordinary examples of leadership. There shall also be leadership games, relevant videos and experiential learning. All the learning shall make you better in all aspects of your personal and professional life.
The days invested in learning 2 learn shall help you to do the following.
1. Know thyself to enable you to lead self. (You will know what you did not know about yourself)
2. Empathize with others to lead others. (Skills for conflict resolution & negotiating & working with people)
3. Understand processes to lead systems. (How teams behave in set conditions)
You shall also know more about what the following means
1) Resourcefulness v/s Resources to get the task done.
2) Time management to find time for work life balance.
3) Specific positive attitude leaders should have. You shall experience real time attitudinal change.
4) Collective Behavior change for high performance impact oriented teamwork & ethical value based leadership culture.
5) Personal leadership lessons to stay focused in the face of uncertainty.
6) Effective Communication to create a culture of trust, integrity & accountability with all stakeholders.
We assure you that after this LDP program you shall also find out how to take charge of your own future. Increase your influence in all spheres of life. You shall do all the things and achieve goals that you have always wanted to. You shall have a greater sense of purpose and achievement in your work & life. You shall be less crises driven and in control of your life & time. You shall enjoy more life balance & peace of mind. You shall be build strong & more productive relationships. You shall discover ways to solve problems and build better relationships. You will grow in understanding of the more important people in your life. You will improve your ability to communicate better. You will deal more productively with conflict. You will find strikingly creative solutions to problems and convert them into opportunities. You will find that you are growing and improving, feeling mature and better and living a more purposeful life each day. You shall have greater life and work balance.
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