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In November 2012
A 2 Day leadership development program based on the book
Leading A Mission With A Mouse...A dead Mouse
A Little About Jerry  
To hear Jerry Almeida speak is like listening to an emerging Guru- Business Standard, 2003.
Jerry’s rendezvous with providence to become a trainer began at the age of 17 when he volunteered with his college social service group. As a part of his voluntary action he worked in the brothels of Kamathipura (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kamathipura), engaging with sex workers to empower them and make them aware about HIV Aids and other diseases. Besides working with the sex workers (who endearingly called him Bhaiya- {Brother}) to help them understand how to be assertive with the men who were their clients, Jerry also invested time playing games and teaching their children about the virtues of going to school for pursuing the experience of learning.
Thus began the journey of learning, teaching 2 learn and learning 2 learn for Jerry, who is today a reputed and much sought after, licensed & accredited leadership trainer & coach/ management consultant who has trained / facilitated workshops for several Senior Most Managers & CXOs in most of the Fortune 500 Companies, UN organizations, PSUs, NGOs and SMEs. Jerry who is driven by his personal mission statement (as given in red print below), is also a motivational speaker and speaks at various annual meetings/large gatherings of businesses and global forums organized by the UN, World Economic Forum, Rotary International, World Affairs Council, World Social Forum, B-schools and Ivy league Universities. Jerry believes in the “Socrates” school of thought in teaching, which is summed up in this quote “I cannot teach anyone anything; I can only make you think”.
Jerry is social worker & activist by passion and is very popular in the international community and social sector as the father of social marketing, communications & ethical fundraising for impact oriented development in India. He has been nominated for prestigious awards & fellowships like the Eisenhower Fellowship, Yale World Fellowship, World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders and the Ramon Magsaysay award. However iCONGO (International Confederation of NGOs the organization he founded) and Jerry follow a strict "No awards policy" and he has declined the accolades, because he firmly believes there is a lot to be done and not enough has been done as yet to rest on laurels or accept  awards & recognition. He also feels this way as too many people misuse the sector and the work with communities to apply and pursue almost every award under the sun and the whole idea of selfless volunteering has got lost in this mindless, arrogant pursuit of accolades & fame. Leadership in volunteering and the voluntary sector should not be about becoming famous.
There are Gurus and there is Jerry who refuses the Guru label. He would rather be known as “just an eternal learner”. Jerry, who lost his father at the age of 8 has learnt a lot in by seeing life very closely, after having seen his mother work hard to provide him with a good education and an opportunity in life. It was this learning in the journey of life, which encouraged Jerry to begin working from his first year in Junior College at the age of 16 to ease his mother’s difficulty. He continued studying while working, gained experience and started his first business venture at the young age of 17. 

From being a serial entrepreneur and transitioning to a social entrepreneur, Jerry has amassed a treasure trove of experience & self learning that is now his GIVE BACK while he helps people as a trainer to realize the leaders, champions, heroes and volunteers within them. Jerry believes that everyone can be a leader, if each of us, with our actions & thoughts, inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more. 

Jerry chose to give up a brilliant corporate career, to follow his heart and his calling to become a social entrepreneur and now a trainer to work with people and help them discover their true potential so that no one ever gives in. He has mentored various people over the years, most of who have now become senior most managers in various organisations and has made it a motto to never give up on people even when they have given up on themselves. Jerry spends 20-25 weekends every year working with and learning from the poorest of the poor communities like Farmers, Migrant Labour, Dalits, Commercial Sex Workers, Tribals, Artisans & Craftspeople etc. in the most remote and rural parts of India.  
Jerry is an ideas man who conceptualized the RIGHT every WRONG, KARMAVEER, KARMAYUGA, Humane Capitalism, REX and the JOY OF GIVING movements. Jerry is also a Leadership Coach who works selectively for personal one on one coaching with a few CEOs / CXOs, UN & NGO Leaders, 2 veteran politicians and  4 young parliamentarians. Being a disciplined task-master (albeit with a immense sense of humour) thus comes with the territory and his entire outlook, learning & experiences of life comes from his innate beliefs as given in his personal mission statement. . 
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