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In November 2012
A 2 Day leadership development program based on the book
Leading A Mission With A Mouse...A dead Mouse
Dinner Session : Drummers & Strummers Jammin – Not Just a Drum Jam
At the end of the 2 Day Leadership development Program, we shall have a fun & joy evening with a gala dinner & get together with a special session of "Drummers & Strummers Jammin" and "Auditory Perception Training". This shall be conducted by world renowned musician Gautam Ghosh and Jerry shall add value with some motivating stories
DSJ is an Intellectual Property owned by “icongo intel & associates” and “Karma Kurry Learning & Human Development”, the only India-based training company that incorporates the philosophy of interactive music, NLP, Gestalt and Motivational Speaking in the module. Founded by Gautam Ghosh globally renowned Percussionist and Musician par excellence, in association with motivational speakers, NLP / Gestalt practitioners like Reeti Sahai, Jyoti Nanda, Julie George, Meenu Chopra, Bosco Fernandes, Hunar Brar and Jerry Almeida. DSJ has created a module that not only creates a lot of fun for participants but also helps them get rid of their inhibitions and discovering their TRUE POTENTIAL by getting in touch with their inner self and knowing more about how to do things by using all their 5 senses. (Auditory, Visual, Kinesthetic, Olfactory and Gustatory). This session will help enhance the listening power, attentiveness and interpersonal communications of participants and make them team players. The DSJ session shall also help people connect with their inner self and others and be aware of the unconscious which would in turn help them to activate the left brain and discover their power to be creative , contribute with ideas and out of the box thinking on the feet.
Gautam Ghosh,
Conducts a Drummers & Strummers Jammin Session
Drum Circle,
A Drummers & Strummers Jammin Session
DSJ has the following programs and more to offer as customized solutions:
Dalit Drums
Chanting for peace of mind
Let’s go guitar
Live performances
Motivational Talk with music and drum effect.
(This will be a high energy, talk by Motivational Speaker Jerry Almeida)
Ojah ye Ojah (Trademark program- only
the experience can tell you what it is)
Feel The strums
Body percussion
Tongues Sing Along
Dance and explore your hidden potential Burmanisms
Let’s Rock n Roll
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